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Economic and Social Inclusion

Technion Social Hub

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The Social Hub is an academic unit of the Technion that specializes in research, education, and technological involvement in the community. The Social Hub promotes a social agenda grounded in theories and technological applications that is aimed at enabling Israeli society to contend with its social and economic challenges in an optimal manner. In this way, the Social Hub promotes a vision of the Technion as a leading institution responsible for the development of human capital, leadership, and the production of knowledge.

The Social Hub supports courses in different Technion faculties that combine learning with the development of projects for social change. Also involved in this activity are staff members, lecturers, students, residents from different communities, local authorities, economic and social organizations, educational institutions, and more

Goals of the Social Hub:

  • To intensify the social-technological commitment of Technion students as agents of change, public-opinion leaders, and leaders of the future.
  • To create interfaces for communication and cooperation for the purpose of facilitating the mutual flow of knowledge between different social arenas and the academic research community.
  • To develop and to promote technological solutions to problems with which organizations and communities are contending in a manner that facilitates the reduction of social and economic disparities in Israel.

Fun Facts about The Social Hub

Technion Social Hub was the first EPIC program founded outside of the United States and the first Israeli program.

Public or Private Institution | Public
Number of students at institution | 14,000

Year Program Established | 2011
Country | Israel

Highlight Articles/Videos

Technion Social Hub starts “The Municipal Laboratory” modeled after the University of Oregon’s Sustainable City Year Program

City Partners

City of Haifa • Population: 279,247

Contact Details

Dr. Meirav Aharon-Gutman
Academic Director

Ronit Piso
Head Director

Ariel Gorbet

Nili Furman
Coordinator, Technology in the Community

The Social Hub Contacts
Mobile: 972-4-829-4450

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