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0 - 20,000
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Economic and Social Inclusion

Technion Social Hub

The Social Hub works to promote social involvement at Technion, out of a perception that sees social involvement as the third role of academia, alongside teaching and research.

The Social Hub creates connections and collaborations between communities in and outside Technion’s campus, and promotes community-based teaching and research, mutual knowledge sharing, and the harnessing of Technion’s unique resources to apply to social needs.

The Social Hub leverages the following:

  • Courses, studies and projects – The hub supports courses, research, and social projects involving Technion partners (faculty, teachers and students) and partners outside the Technion (citizens, civil society organizations, local authorities, educational and cultural institutions, etc.).
  • Collaborations – The incubator works to create a dialogue between the Technion community and the general public in order to share knowledge, encourage innovation and create synergetic value.
  • Access to knowledge – the incubator accesses the products of its activities to the general public on a unique Internet site and on social networks. To enter the databases click here.
  • Relationships in Israel and abroad – The social incubator maintains contacts with numerous civic, institutional and municipal bodies, and works to create suitable connections and adaptations between the company’s needs and existing opportunities at the Technion. The incubator is a member of international networks working to promote similar goals, including the American EPIC-Network and the European Living Knowledge Network .

Fun Facts about the Social Hub

Technion Social Hub was the first EPIC program founded outside of the United States and the first Israeli program.

Public or Private Institution | Public
Number of students at institution | 14,000

Year Program Established | 2014
Country | Israel

Highlight Articles/Videos

Technion Social Hub starts “The Municipal Laboratory” modeled after the University of Oregon’s Sustainable City Year Program

City Partners

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Contact Details

Ruti Donag
Technion Social Hub Director
972-4-8294450// 052-6869571

Rachel Kalush 
Founder and Academic Director of the Social Hub
(541) 346-6395

Social Media Addresses
Twitter: @HubTechnion
Facebook: @socialhubtechnion