Fostering a positive image of Adams County


Abigail Becker


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Project Stories
Sustainable Development Goals
08 Decent Work and Economic Growth

The appeal of Adams county is held in its rural location, close-knit communities and natural splendor. The small town appeal of the county has much to offer, but has posed issues in recent history. Lack of engagement and stagnancy in local government has prevented the county from creating changes needed and desired by the community.

Adams county has experienced a drain in resources and citizenship, in part because job opportunities are lacking and better schooling can be found elsewhere. These downfalls have also prevented growth of the county through the movement of new citizens. Thankfully, the county has much to offer — abundant outdoor recreation, a promising arts scene and citizens who care for it.

This marketing plan seeks to address these issues by convincing new and growing families to come to Adams county, integrate these families into the community and get new residents to stay in Adams County. Many young families are drawn to a rural lifestyle — a reason many current residents live in the county now.

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Gavin Luter
Managing Director

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Todd Newman

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