Expanding and Improving Child Care Opportunities in Adams County, Wisconsin Through Increased Inquiries and Hybrid Care models


Abigail Becker


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Adams County Health and Human Services Department is a department of Adams County providing universal health protection for all the members of Adams County, as well as providing essential human services, providing resources to families. Relating to our project, the HHS specifically monitors child abuse and neglect, foster care, and most importantly acts as a resource guide for families. Now, Adams County has faced years of childcare scarcity. Since 2018, there hasn’t been a single inquiry into becoming a regulated care provider in Adams County. Another problem facing Adams County is that the group daycares have closed for various reasons in the past few years (there have been multiple closures, so it is not due to random chance). This is why our group decided to consider hybrid care models as well as increasing inquiries.

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Gavin Luter
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