Cooperatives in Adams County: Case studies and analysis ofchildcare, housing, and food systems cooperatives


Abigail Becker


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Project Stories
Sustainable Development Goals
01 No Poverty

In 1980 the world population was at 4.5 billion people and by 1990, that number had increased to 5.3 billion. By the year 2000 that number had surpassed 6 billion and today that number is approaching 8 billion (World Meters). With a population that is growing exponentially comes an increase in the need for basic needs along with an increase in the demographic of people who need care. Healthcare in general today is at a deficit, there is not enough to go around. Especially childcare, which is becoming more expensive and harder to find a plan that works best that fits the needs of one’s family. Throughout the country, there are many enterprisesolutions to the childcare deficit, and the best solution are cooperatives.

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Gavin Luter
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Courtney Berner

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