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Vital Communities Initiative
Case Type
Program Stories
School Size
0 - 20,000
Focus Areas
Democratic Governance, Economic and Social Inclusion, Environment Sustainability
Art, Environmental Studies, Film, Music, Placemaking, Public Policy, Recreational Administration, Theater, Transportation

Vital Communities Initiative

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The Vital Communities Initiative (VCI) was conceived in spring 2016 as part of a new portfolio of programs of the new Center for Community & Civic Engagement (CCCE). The Center is part of Bowling Green State University’s commitment to focus our talents, resources, and passions to help build and sustain vibrant and vital communities in our region.

VCI links existing community based learning courses and projects with issues and needs identified by the partner community.

  • Faculty members design their courses around the community identified projects, focusing students’ academic experiences to develop solutions and new ideas to address these real-world projects.
  • The partnership for VCI is based on a reciprocal and mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and expertise.
  • BGSU and the partner community commit human, intellectual, and practical resources to coordinate and guide the projects, ensuring that appropriate resources (material and financial) are available to make the projects successful and to promote and celebrate the partnership year.
  • BGSU faculty members and students from a variety of majors and disciplines bring time, creativity, and expertise to address community defined needs, issues, and dreams.
  • Partner communities get new ideas, energy, and insights to support new directions.
  • Our region benefits from a community engaged public university committed to working for the public good.
  • We all benefit when we grow and nurture sustainable, livable, and vibrant communities in our region and beyond.
  • The BGSU Center for Community & Civic Engagement affirms an on-going commitment to engagement with regional communities – the Vital Communities Initiative extends and deepens all of our partnerships.

Academic Year 2016 -17 courses:

ARCH 6210, Graduate Design Studio
ENVS 4020, Senior Capstone Project
POLS 6900, Public Administration Capstone
POLS 6900, Public Administration Capstone
SEES 4100, Geographic Information
ENVS 4200, Environmental Planning
VCT 4670 Visual Communication Technology Synthesis

“BGSU faculty members and students from a variety of majors and disciplines are prepared to bring time, creativity and expertise to address community-defined needs, issues and dreams,” BGSU President Dr. Rodney K. Rogers said in a statement. “This is a great example of how our region benefits from a community-engaged, public university committed to working for the public good.”

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Pilot for Vital Communities Initiative Begins

City Partners

2016 | Sandusky, Ohio • Population: 25,000

Contact Info

V Rosser
Director, Center for Community and Civic Engagement
(419) 372-9288

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