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Greater than 40,000
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Democratic Governance, Economic and Social Inclusion, Environment Sustainability
Emergency Planning, Historic Preservation, Planning, Public Administration, Public Relations, Strategic Planning, Transportation

Project Cities

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Project Cities is a unique, high-impact program within the Sustainable Cities Network in the Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation at Arizona State University. Established in 2017, Project Cities connects higher education with local communities, creating a powerful combination of knowledge and know-how. Project Cities provides an opportunity to bridge ASU faculty, staff, and students with expertise and capacity to communities needing technical assistance to solve pressing local and regional challenges.

Community partners and faculty co-create projects focused on sustainability planning, affordable housing, drought management, community engagement, community revitalization, waste reduction, energy management, and more while providing timely recommendations to rapidly evolving problems. Additionally, as the projects are facilitated each semester, students are exposed to real-world examples of sustainability issues and solutions, preparing them to be change agents throughout their studies and future careers. Project Cities truly leverages the strengths of all partners involved, meeting the needs of the present and preparing for future generations to thrive locally and globally.

Recent Project Cities Success Stories
● Students conduct community-wide survey of public values in Peoria, attracting over 800 responses for 5 class projects.
● Public meeting for Clarkdale’s General Plan facilitated by ASU students advises local commission and Town Council on downtown revitalization
● Project Cities students work with Apache Junction to develop framework for an RFP-based solid waste collection service overhaul
● Award-winning student project proposes new zoning ordinances to Apache Junction City Council that support affordable housing with standard amenities
● Apache Junction breaks ground on dog park installation, at location proposed by ASU students

Fun Facts About Project Cities

Project Cities is the first and may be the only program in the EPIC-Network to research and perform ghost stories as a part of their partnership. Learn more and watch the project highlights: ASU students perform ‘Positively Ghostly’ scenes in Apache Junction. Another first of the EPIC-Network, ASU Project Cities integrates online classes into their course offerings. This allows students from near and far to support partner communities.

Year Program Established | 2017
Country | US
Federal Region of Program | 9
Public or Private Institution | Public
Number of students at institution | 79,000

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City Partners

2017-2018 | City of Apache Junction • Population: 39,000
2018-2018 | City of Glendale • Population: 255,000
2019-Present | Town of Clarkdale • Population: 4,300
2019-Present | City of Peoria • Population: 190,000

Contact Info

Julia Colbert
Program Manager
(602) 543-1218

Anne Reichman
Program Director
(480) 965-2168

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