Analysis of Autonomous Vehicles in Brown County, WI


Abigail Becker


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With autonomous vehicle (AV) pilot programs rolling out across the country, Brown County, Wisconsin, the third-largest city in Wisconsin and home of the Green Bay Packers, is looking to create its own multi-passenger AV route. Three routes have been identified by Brown County as having potential for a pilot route. The first route circulates the downtown area of Green Bay around popular downtown restaurants and attractions. The second route runs through Green Bay’s title town district and the infamous Lambeau Field. The third route transports passengers between the Austin-Straubel International Airport and Oneida Casino. To provide completeness in AV concept understanding, an in-depth analysis of AV technology is explained with details of connected vehicle technology and interaction. Infrastructure interactions are also considered including maintenance, parking, charging, and data management. To provide information on the current safety concerns and related established standards and metrics, an overview of the American Society of Civil Engineer’s Envision system and National Society of Professional Engineer’s AV Policy guide is also outlined. Examples of successful AV implementationsin other communities are included to analyze successes and failures of other AV routes before going into the three routes’ overviews and analyses. Ease of implementation is also considered before the final route decision is presented with relevant criteria evaluated and further justifications of the decision are included. The goal is to evaluate the routes for an autonomous vehicle system and recommend the most optimal AV pilot route for Brown County based on community benefit, cost, traffic data, and frequency of use.

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