Water Bottle Refill Stations in the City of Pacific Grove

Daniel Fernandez


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This paper is a report on a capstone project completed at California State University Monterey Bay through the Sustainable City Year Program in partnership with the City of Pacific Grove. This research examines the issue of plastic pollution in marine environments on a global scale, and, more specifically, on a local scale. The local example involved in this research is the City of Pacific Grove and one proposed project in the city aimed at reducing the local consumption and pollution of plastic bottles. The proposed project is a series of water bottle refill stations in the city to promote the usage of reusable water bottles, rather than single-use plastic bottles. The project is spearheaded by a local non-profit organization, Sustainable Pacific Grove (SPG). The following research analyzes various case studies including San Francisco, Hawaii, and several college campuses regarding refill station sustainability and funding solutions. The student researchers also discuss future opportunities for research and funding. This research identifies multiple California cities with similar characteristics to the City of Pacific Grove for the purpose of seeking out cities that Pacific Grove can potentially collaborate with and share resources with to increase the number of refill stations across the state.

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