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Centre for Global Sustainability Studies (CGSS) Universiti Sains Malaysia has collaborated with Penang Green Council (PGC) to organise a workshop on Waste to Wealth to increase community knowledge and awareness on waste management and train the community to practice waste management at home and in daily life. With the guidance from CGSS and PGC, this workshop was successfully conducted by the students from university courses (Public Sector Economics and Tourism Economics) on 8th January 2022. The participants have learned so much on how to reduce waste generation at their homes. During the workshop, the participants practiced turning their home material waste into wealth. The participants have been divided into three groups as per their final products, namely gadget holders, planting pots, and stationery holders. The participants have finally learned and gotten an idea to practice waste management at their homes and reduce the amount of their waste generation. This workshop also increases participants’ knowledge and awareness on waste management and encourages them to practice waste management in daily life. Besides that, after conducting this workshop, the students from the university courses have increased their communication and leadership skills that will be useful for their future careers.

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