Village of New Glarus Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan


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Purpose & Role of Parks
The Village of New Glarus recognizes the importance and benefts its parks and
open space system has on the Village’s character and quality of life. Parks provide
opportunities for social activities, education, and community involvement. Beautiful
parks and a variety of recreational activities help attract new residents, tourism and
This document is intended to formally update the existing Comprehensive Outdoor
Recreation Plan (CORP) adopted by the Village of New Glarus in 1997, and updated
in 2010. Adoption of the updated plan is required for the Village of New Glarus
to be eligible for parks cost sharing funding administered through the State of
This plan is a cooperative effort based on resources from the original CORP, the
Village 2016 Comprehensive Plan, and input from Village staff and residents. This
plan will serve as a guide to the Village to meet the recreational needs of its current
and future residents.
Planning Process
The Village of New Glarus entered into the 2018 UniverCity Alliance program with
the University of Wisconsin-Madison to update their Comprehensive Outdoor
Recreation Plan. A team of Graduate students from the Department of Planning and
Landscape Architecture prepared the plan for adoption by the Village. Preparation
of the plan occurred over a three month period and involved meetings with the
New Glarus Parks Commission, park observations, a public survey, and a series
of public focus groups. The team provided the Parks Commission a draft plan to
review and provide feedback before voting whether to approve the plan.
Public Participation
Public participation is key to every planning process to ensure the objectives
and recommendations of the plan align with the interests of those who will be
impacted by the plan. The public participation strategy for this plan included
volunteer park observations, a public survey, and focus groups with various
stakeholders. This section describes these activities, with supporting materials in
the appendix.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Gavin Luter
Managing Director

University Faculty Contact
Bryan Gadow
Urban and Regional Planning

Local Government / Community Contact
Bryan Gadow
Village of New Glarus
City Administrator

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