Urban Edible Landscapes in Lemon Grove: City Park Orchards, Community Gardens, and School Gardens


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In partnership with the City of Lemon Grove and the Sage Project at San Diego State University, this study analyzed the feasibility and popularity of building various urban agriculture programs in Lemon Grove. City park fruit orchards, local community gardens, and after-school garden programs were found to be the most feasible urban greening methods for Lemon Grove. Between January and June of 2017, our team conducted interviews with community leaders and city residents to determine interest in urban agriculture programs. We examined the practical challenges that Lemon Grove may face in implementing public park orchards, community gardens, and after-school garden programs and developed recom-mendations for the city to introduce scalable solutions for successful implementation. Lemon Grove residents recognize the benefits of adding green space and are motivated to build urban agriculture and edible landscapes in Lemon Grove. Edible landscapes can help promote sustainable development, city beautification, community growth, and nutritional education for Lemon Grove. Urban agriculture can help promote a healthier, more sustainable, and more secure community in Lemon Grove. As part of a community wellbeing initiative, public park orchards, community gardens, and school gardens can prevent obesity and positively affect community public health outcomes. With a year-round growing season and the “best climate on earth,” Lemon Grove can feasibly move towards a more healthful, sustainable future by planting edible landscapes and urban agriculture.Keywords: edible landscapes, urban orchards, after-school, community, gardens

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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