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Bellevue City Council recently approved a new Land Use Code section for the Downtown (Downtown Livability) with the overarching vision to encourage creation of a more livable environment for Downtown workers, visitors and residents. Other more urban areas of the city (Bel Red District, Wilburton District, Eastgate and Factoria) are beginning to see substantive changes in the urban built environment – particularly in areas surrounding the new East Link Light Rail Line. The Urban Design Team in the Land Use Division has for many years desired to create a catalogue/library of images (photographs) depicting the kinds of open spaces, streetscape, building design, etc. that we are looking for and could share with Design Review applicants (developers and designers) to showcase examples of successful built spaces and forms that have applicability to vibrant, livable urban development. This effort would include an assessment of the attributes of successful open spaces, streetscape, building form, and overall site development (as influenced by recent Land Use Code updates) and the creation of an image library that could be used by planners and applicants to visually support the livability components of the written Land Use Code.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Teri Thomson Randall
Program Manager

University Faculty Contact
Keith Nitta
Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
Associate Professor

Local Government / Community Contact
Nick Melissinos
City Attorney’s Office

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