South Campus Neighborhood Project Bicycle Infrastructure


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demonstrate how to improve bike safety by completing the bicycle lane network
between Third and Second Streets.
demonstrate the benefits & use of bike boxes in increasing visibility and safety
for bicyclists.
create pubic interest in improving bicycle and pedestrian safety near Chico State
and the South Campus Neighborhood
educate the public about the benefits of complete streets and support the Chico
2030 General Plan commitment to multimodal transportation and complete
create a spectacle or street event that excites the public about streets as places
in order to successfully ‘pull off’ Chico’s first sanctioned TU Project.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

Resilient Cities Initiative Contact Info

University Faculty Contact
LaDona Knigge
Geography & Planning

Local Government / Community Contact
Brendan Ottoboni

Director of Public Works-Engineering

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