SDSU Mission Valley: Concerns and Considerations on Affordable Housing


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San Diego State University (SDSU)’s partnership with the Sage Project has allowed current students to be involved in the planning process for the new Mission Valley campus. In its initial run of collaborations, SDSU staff had a goal in mind for participants: to conduct individual policy analyses related to housing in Mission Valley, focusing primarily on affordability and lessons from other contexts. In this study, we analyzed potential issues the project might face in future public-private partnerships and student access. We also addressed the question of who might be eli-gible for affordable housing programs. Five reports were conducted and compiled into one comprehensive document, using primary and secondary sources, and pre-senting current similar projects in higher education as models.

In this report, we explore three primary research questions in order to develop recommendations for the SDSU Mission Valley project based on its stated goal and through conversation with individuals involved in the planning process for Mission Valley. Based on our research, we offer three recommendations moving forward. First, maintain a clear dedication to maintaining affordability for residents in all mis-sion statements for in any public-private partnerships the university considers. Second, maintain open channels of communication with students and other stakeholders in the planning and development process in order to maximize student access. Finally, consider transfer students as a priority population for affordable housing units, as they are most likely to meet eligibility criteria.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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