Salem Transportation Saftey Analysis


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Portland State University’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
explored various traffic safety concerns in the City of Salem. The Salem
Transportation Safety Analysis was conducted by Portland State University civil
engineering students. Intersections with high crash statistics and other safety
issues were selected by the City of Salem for evaluation. Some of the locations
did not have traffic problems but needed improved facilities to increase walking
and biking.
The students were asked to recommend possible modifications and solutions to
existing traffic safety concerns. Ten separate studies were conducted by the civil
engineering students. The groups evaluated the existing traffic conditions and
developed recommendations using traffic safety evaluation methods learned in
the Transportation Safety Analysis course.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

Sustainable City Year Program Contact Info
Megan Banks
Sustainable City Year Program Manager
(541) 346-6395

University Faculty Contact
Chris Monsere
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Local Government / Community Contact
Kevin Hottman

Traffic Engineer

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