Program Development Vista with the Union County heritage Museum (2018-20)


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VISTA members make a full-time, yearlong commitment to
uphold the program priorities of poverty alleviation, capacity
building, sustainable solutions, and community empowerment.
At the Union County Heritage Museum, VISTA Members Becky
Rinehart (2018-2019) and Stephen Bennett (2019-2020) have
conducted outreach to underserved schools and communities in
North Mississippi, building sustainable partnerships to improve
access to arts education and connecting children with resources
that encourage college enrollment and career discovery. These
partnerships are intended to empower educators to reach every
student as they share child-centered educational activities that
will strengthen academic performance and lead to improved rates
of high school graduation and college attendance.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Laura Martin
M Partner Director and Associate Director of the McLean Institute

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