Preliminary Research Toward a Sustainability Plan for Leander


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Students in Dr. Paul Adams’ Urban Studies Research Methods course
conducted initial research that builds a foundation for a citywide
sustainability plan. Small groups used archival, observation, survey and
interview methods to investigate specific aspects of sustainability that
Leander’s developing plan could address. Research focused on issues
including energy use, water conservation and quality, waste and recycling,
land use and transportation, and natural features such as parks and
green infrastructure. Students interviewed Leander residents, tested
the water quality of Brushy Creek, conducted shade tree counts in
different neighborhoods, analyzed land use and transportation trends,
and observed park and open space use. The City of Leander can use the
general trends identified through this research as it continues to develop
planning documents and policies that ensure quality of life through
community-focused sustainability.
More than two dozen students participated in the course. The following
section highlights a report by one student, Phoenix Alfaro, that describes
some of the survey work done by the entire class, in addition to his own
analysis of this survey

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Paul Adams
Urban Studies

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Tom Yantis

Assistant City Manager of Leander

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