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The purpose of the project is to develop a statistically valid survey to build upon information gathered in the City of Tacoma Environmental Services Satisfaction Survey Report of Results from 2015. We would like additional information on topics such as: the way people, already aware of the Open Space Program, became familiar with it; the activities that are of most concern to people with regards to Open Space; the reasons people do not report illegal activity on Open Space; how people search for Open Space volunteer opportunities; and the reasons people choose not to volunteer in Open Space. The Open Space Program would use the results of this survey to develop a more effective marketing and outreach program.

The Passive Open Space Program is part of the City of Tacoma’s
Environmental Services Department’s Surface Water Program. The
program, which is responsible for maintaining 488 acres of wetlands,
forests, and other critical environmental areas in Tacoma, engages
volunteer community members who serve as Habitat Stewards and help
the City maintain these open spaces and ecologically critical areas.
The goal of this project was to better understand how the City of Tacoma
could increase awareness of, and participation in, the Passive Open Space Program, with a particular focus on the inclusion of historically underrepresented communities. Student researchers reached out to 20 community organizations and to more than 40 representatives of extracurricular programs at schools to set up focus groups. Of their initial outreach attempts, students successfully conducted two survey collection and activity sessions with middle school groups and outreach at one community center.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Teri Thomson Randall
Program Manager

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Thao Huynh
Environmental Studies

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Aris Efting

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