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For the last few years, the City of Lemon Grove has been researching the idea of placing a parking structure in its downtown business district in order to enhance the look along Broadway. These enhancements would result in a loss of 66 parking spaces along the north side of Broadway. The City of Lemon Grove decided on the Lester Avenue site which currently has a 103-spaceparking lot on it, as the proper site to place a new parking structure due to its proximity to the affected area.

MADMET Engineering was able to design a new, 3-story parking structure that would be able to fit on the site and satisfy the needs of the City of Lemon Grove.The structure will house 210 parking spaces, with 7 of them dedicated to ADA vehicles and 17 reserved for clean-air vehicles.These clean-air spaces will encourage frequent visitors to invest in a more environmentally friendly vehicle to ensure that they will always have a spot waiting for them in the parking structure. Also, should the City of Lemon Grove choose to, these parking spaces can be equipped with electric vehicle charging stations, further encouraging the use of cleaner vehicles.The structure will include three stairwells, but will not include an elevator (parking structures three stories and under are not required to have elevators).

The City of Lemon Grove will also have the option of installing a solar roof on the top level. The structure was designed with columns stretching all the way to the top level, should they choose to do so, the city can install the solar roof by anchoring it to the already existing columns.

The new parking structure will resultin a net gain of 41 parking stalls in the area, with the ability to addmore by extending the columns and increasing the height of the structure. However, if the city chooses to do this, they will need to addan elevator into the structure to adhere to code.

The total cost of the parking structure will be $7,769,577.75. This results in a cost per stall of $36,997.99, which is right around average for the San Diego area. The Lester Avenue Parking Structure was designed to keep the City of Lemon Grove’s needs at the forefront: minimize cost while utilizing the space to create the most number of parking stalls. The construction of thisparking structure will pave the way for a complete revitalization of the downtown area, allowing for economic growth whilealso allowing the city to maintain its small-town feel.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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