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The redevelopment ideas summarized in this report were produced by students at San Diego State University in collaboration with the City of Lemon Grove. Students enrolled in the Finance 437, taught by Professor Dana Kuhn, created development plans for both industrial and mixed-use parcels of land in Lemon Grove. The industrial parcel is located near the Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway on the north side of North Avenue between Alli-son Lane and Olive Street. The mixed-use parcel is located on the south side of Broad-way between Main Street and Olive Street.

Adhering to the city’s General Plan and zoning regulations, proposals were created that included a site plan, elevations, rent comps, vacancy rates, and loan terms. By research-ing and observing the City of Lemon Grove, we detected which markets were currently being underserved and discovered ways to serve them. This resulted in profitable and appropriate redevelopment proposals that meet the current and future demands of the City of Lemon Grove.

Focus groups were formed to create practical, immediate-use space that could easily be sold or leased after construction. After studying the market, the final ideas proposed by these groups were an industrial warehouse, a self-storage facility, a service station with a convenient store and car wash, and a mixed-use development. The industrial ware-house is a versatile building that would be an attractive space to many potential tenants. Self-storage facilities and service stations are always in demand and are particularly successful when located near freeways. Lastly, mixed-use developments create a live, work, play environment that emphasizes a pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented atmo-sphere, which is highly demanded in today’s urban society. All four proposals address markets that are currently underserved in the Lemon Grove area in order to ensure the creation of relevant and feasible plans that the City of Lemon Grove could consider when developing ways to make beneficial changes to the current built environment.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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