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Ninety-seven students enrolled in the upper-division Speech, Language, and Hearing Science (SLHS) 580 course taught by Dr. Henrike Blumenfeld, titled “Communication Processes and Aging,” offered service-based work to support the staff at the Kimball Senior Center and the George H. Waters Nutrition Center. This work also benefitted the students by engaging them in real-world experiences. The class volunteered a total of 584 hours at the Kimball Senior Center and the George H. Waters Nutrition Center, where they were able to participate in several different activities, including meal delivery, meal service, ESL classes, game days, and senior dances. After volunteering, the class developed suggestions that would benefit six specific areas at the Kimball Senior Center, the George H. Waters Nutrition Center, as well as all senior residents of National City. These areas were chosen in collaboration with leaders at the Kimball Senior Center and the Nutrition Center. These areas were: (1) facility recommendations, (2) programming suggestions, (3) customer service recommendations, (4) processes and efficiencies recommendations, (5) community engagement recommendations, and (6) funding recommendations. As part of an end-of-semester project, each student in the class contributed to one of these areas. This report outlines all of the class’s suggestions in these six areas. Our hope is that, through future implementation of some of these ideas, the long term quality of the environment can be further improved, not only for the Kimball Senior Center and George H. Waters Nutrition Center, but for senior citizens throughout National City. SLHS 580

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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