Improving Street Sign and Stop Sign Data in Lemon Grove


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The Geography Department at San Diego State University, in collaboration with the Sage Project and the City of Lemon Grove, produced an inventory of stop sign and street identification sign locations within the city limits of Lemon Grove. Two teams collected stop sign coordinates with ESRI’s Collector for ArcMap and street sign coordinates with Google’s My Maps. Maps were then created from these two information layers. The purpose of this geographic information system (GIS) was to aid the city in its efforts to develop infrastructure improvement in the area.From the two inventories, or layers, that we created, patterns emerged reflecting a discrepancy between retail and residential areas. There are more existing and improved signs in the north and central parts of the city, whereas the south-central areas and neighborhoods on the western and eastern borders are not yet as updated. The two methods of collection also remind us that an initial inventory should be made on a desktop, with imagery, before any fieldwork. Once the basis inventory is made, it can then be updated, changed, or appended in the field. This will allow for a planning phase that would guide future site visits and provide a checklist to eliminate previously visited areas. The Google platform allows for very accurate locational data to be captured based on satellite imagery, while the ArcMap platform is better when multiple users may be interacting on a single map. We suggest training employees to manipulate the attribute data or designating a team responsible for entering data collected in the field to maintain updated locational data.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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