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As we move further into the information
age, municipalities scattered across the United
States are recognizing the value of utilizing
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to
convey information about various public
services to their public.
Likewise, Logan City felt the need to
update its Parks and Recreation website to
include a new way for the public to explore
information about the City’s parks and trails
Integrating GIS story
maps to the Parks and
Recreation website would not
only help the City convey valuable information
to its residents and tourists, but also provide a
new method for Logan City planners to assess
how well the parks and trails serve the public.
Such City needs were an ideal challenge for
Dr. Joe Wheaton and two of his GIS
students fulfilled these needs by creating two
separate GIS story maps.
One student created a detailed GIS
story map outlining recreation trails in Logan,
while the other student created a GIS map
showing where parks were located within the
city and how they correlate with different
socioeconomic groups.
Students were able to apply
practical skills and provide a real
benefit to the city. One student was
even offered a job as a result of his
work on this project. See page 25 for full
story maps

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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