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During the winter quarter of the 2018 academic year, the City of Tacoma
Urban Forestry department partnered with University of Washington
Livable City Year (UW LCY) on a project centered around green
development and community engagement goals for the Tacoma Mall Neighborhood Sub area. This Sub area encompasses some of Tacoma’s
most disadvantaged neighborhoods, with high rates of poverty, below average health outcomes, and few community resources like schools, parks, and community centers.

The purpose of this project, titled: Equity and Urban Forest: A Sustainable
Model for Green Regional Growth, is to provide recommendations
for the City of Tacoma’s approach to community outreach and green
infrastructure development for the Tacoma Mall Neighborhood Subarea.
The UW LCY formed, in cooperation with City of Tacoma staff, to
develop a communications strategy, a set of outreach tools, and an
implementation plan for demonstration projects. The team’s objective is
to assist the City of Tacoma in gaining broad support from its constituents,
including residents and business owners, for meeting the green
development goals outlined for the Tacoma Mall Neighborhood Subarea
within the City of Tacoma’s Vision 2040 Plan. The team has included,
within its recommendations, strategies to create effective partnerships
with diverse stakeholders.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

Livable City Year Contact Info
Teri Thomson Randall
Program Manager

University Faculty Contact
Clare Ryan
Environmental Policy and Management

Local Government / Community Contact
Michael Cary

Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainbility

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