Emergency Operations Policy Research and Planning for National City’s Disaster Preparedness and Response


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National City’s Debris Management Annex is a plan which establishes an organizational structure and process by which National City can coordinate and manage, in the most effective and efficient way, the clearance, removal, and disposal of debris following an emergency or disaster. This annex establishes a Debris Management Organization and outlines Staff, Contractor, and Partner Agency responsibilities. In addition, it contains four appendices including Debris Contractor Oversight Team Standard Operating Guidelines; a Sample Debris Removal and Disposal Monitoring Plan; Debris Clearing, Removal, and Disposal Guidelines; and a Debris Removal Applicants Contracting Checklist. Capitalizing on the resources available through county, state, and federal partner organizations, contractors, and within National City, this annex is flexible enough to respond to any emergency regardless of the size, scale, or scope

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