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The National City Capital Improvement Program is a used to identify portions of the City’s physical infrastructure in need of improvement and coordinate projects of similar types. As part of the Capital Improvement Program the National City Bicycle Master Plan was developed to present new developments in bicycle transportation, recreation, sustainability, and quality of life in National City, CA. In 2014 an Active Transportation Grant was awarded to National City, CA for the El-Toyon Bicycle Route. National City is a dense, urban community and in order to best aid the residents the citywide integration of safe bicycle transportation is vital. It will aid in the safety, sustainability, and convenience of the entire community. The newly titled El-Toyon Bicycle Routewill provide a segment of the city’s overall bicycle infrastructure, connecting public schools and different community areas. This plan provides the framework for making bicycling a more suitable and popular alternative for residents and visitors.

This Executive Summary briefly outlines the history, studies and recommendations for the integration of the El-Toyon Bicycle Passage. Additional information and exhibits will be noted and further viewed in the appendices. Each section will feature diagrams and structure breakdown to best exemplify the focus of improvement.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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