Civic Engagement Strategies for The City of Redmond


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The City of Redmond worked with public relation students at the University
of Oregon to find solutions for increasing civic engagement. The following
pages include recommendations culled from eight different plans developed by
student teams during the academic term, with each team taking on the same
challenge of heightening citizen involvement in the City of Redmond. Separated
by target audience, this report includes strategies and tactics for social media
enhancement, improving media relations, establishing city committees, and
planning special events.
By targeting varying audiences, such as working class families, parents, high
school students, and the Hispanic/Latino(a) communities, the City of Redmond
has the opportunity to improve citizen awareness and involvement in city
planning and initiatives.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

Sustainable City Year Program Contact Info
Megan Banks
Sustainable City Year Program Manager
(541) 346-6395

University Faculty Contact
David Remund

Local Government / Community Contact
Keith Witcosky

City Manager

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