Alternative Paths to Transit Oriented Development in Leander


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TOD integrates transportation and land use in urban forms that surround
transit stations. Moderate to high densities, mixed-uses, pedestrian and
bicycle connectivity, and environmental access are design characteristics
often associated with TOD sites. Leander’s TOD site is located at the end
of Capital MetroRail’s Red Line, a 32-mile transit corridor that connects
the greater Austin region.
Leander’s TOD site will be significantly impacted by the development of
a new ACC San Gabriel Campus. Research projects in this spring course
explored how the development of the new ACC San Gabriel Campus
will influence development patterns in the surrounding area. Students
informed their research using series of case studies that highlights the
relationship between TODs and higher education facilities.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Ming Zhang
Community & Regional Planning

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Tom Yantis

Assistant City Manager of Leander

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