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Running on a Small Budget: Benefits of Tiny EPIC-N Programs

Featuring: Daniel Fernandez

The “Running on a Small Budget: Benefits of Tine EPIC-N Programs” webinar was recorded on April 17, 2020.

This webinar is part of the free #2020 EPIC-Network Webinar Series. As part of the transition from an in-person conference to a free, and online, event series, this webinar is open for anyone to attend. After the event ends, its recording will be posted to this page. So even if you cannot attend, you can still engage with its content.

If you feel limited by small city budgets and low availability of university financial support, should you give up on starting an EPIC-N program? Not at all! Where there is a will there is way. Depending on your level of interest, your connections and how you manage it, you can run a program with relatively small financial backing ($25 K). This session addresses the successes, perils and pitfalls of limited funding and it will invite audience participation throughout. In it Dan discusses sources of funding (particularly small funding) and how it may be the only option for some programs. Dan and EPIC-N staff also address the role that funding plays in various projects and both the advantages and disadvantages of different funding levels across EPIC-N.

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Presenter Bios

Daniel Fernandez received all of his degrees in Electrical Engineering, with his BSEE from Purdue University in 1987, his MSEE from Stanford in 1988 and his Ph. D. from Stanford in 1993. He has been a professor at CSUMB for 24 years. While at CSUMB, he has served 3 years as Chair of the Academic Senate, 6 years as Chair of the Division of Science and Environmental Policy, and 3 years as Chair of the Senate Curriculum Committee Council. He teaches physics and classes in sustainability, systems thinking, infrastructure, and capstone for Environmental Studies students. He also ran, for 9 years, a yearly conference on sustainability entitled Focus On Community And University Sustainability (FOCUS) and has brought many speakers to CSUMB, including Dr. David Orr and Dr. Fritjof Capra. He coordinated the Environmental Studies program and developed and currently manages the Sustainable City Year Program at CSUMB, which partners the needs of regional governing bodies with relevant class projects. He also served on the steering committee of the California Higher Education Sustainability Committee (CHESC). His research involves collection of water from fog and he has deployed and maintains, with help from student assistants, a network of standard fog collecting devices from central to northern California. He was the recipient of the President’s Medal for outstanding service to the university in 2012 and was named a CSUMB Faculty Sustainability Champion in 2018.

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