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February EPIC-Network Call: EPIC-N’s Expanding Offerings of Program Support and Recognition

Featured Speaker: Ada Inman, EPIC-N Program Support Coordinator

Featured Facilitator: Jane Rogan, Indiana University Bloomington

February 3, 2022 at 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm ct

Over the last seven months, EPIC-N staff engaged in a new campaign to support our members and increase recognition of our combined impact. Ada Inman began work as the EPIC-N Program Support Coordinator in June of 2021 to manage this campaign. She will provide a short presentation on this campaign, the progress made, and the exciting impact its making. During the following discussion Ada will be able to answer any participants questions about the process.

Following open discussion, EPIC-N leaders will share some important event and resource announcements.

We encourage anyone interested in supporting, starting, or improving an EPIC program in North America to attend. We also encourage other leaders from around the globe involved with a program in the EPIC-Network to attend. Discussion topics will prioritize participants from North America who are actively working with an EPIC program.

This EPIC-Network Call will be recorded. Once ready, the recording will be posted in the EPIC-N Member Commons.


More about the EPIC-Network Call Series

The main goal of this call is to connect. As part of the EPIC-Network Call series, individual members volunteer to present and/or facilitate conversations on subjects they find crucial to the success of some aspect of the EPIC Model, program management, or other topics. Notes are taken and shared with anyone who RSVPs “Yes”, “Maybe” or “No” to the event. Calls are sometimes recorded and shared in the EPIC-N Member Commons and sometimes on the EPIC-Network YouTube Channel.

This call is part of the EPIC-Network Call series which is open to anyone looking to start, support, and/or improve an EPIC program. The audience of the call may change slightly from month to month. The RSVP form will note which audience is of focus for each call. Organizers use Zoom conference and video call software to connect parties. Click here for more information about the monthly EPIC-Network Call.


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