EPIC-N Governance

EPIC-N is a 501(c)(3) governed by a board of directors. The nonprofit ensures member programs maintain a strong voice in deciding EPIC-N priorities, while recruiting international experts to strengthen the organization.

EPIC-N Board of Directors

The EPIC-N Board of Directors steers the 501(c)(3) association. The Board began its first official term during the summer of 2018. Even so, the EPIC-N board has supported EPIC-N member programs since 2013.

Read more about the current EPIC-N Board of Directors here.

EPIC-N Executive Committee

The EPIC-N Executive Committee oversees the daily operations of the 501(c)3 nonprofit association and board. Its members are the officers of the EPIC-N board of directors.

EPIC-N Advisory Board

The EPIC-N Advisory Board is a nonvoting body providing the EPIC-N Board and staff with strategic advisement.

Read more about the current EPIC-N Advisory Board here.

Interested in Joining EPIC-N Leadership?

The EPIC-N nomination committee, a working group within the board of directors is always looking to place leaders on future boards, and working groups. If interested in helping lead EPIC-N forward, notify the nominating committee using the form below.