2020 EPIC-N Conference Call for Proposals

This Spring, the 2020 EPIC-Network Conference is looking for presentations to support university and community practitioners who engage in various partnerships.

This year, the organizers look forward to having a diverse group of speakers and content for attendees amidst the “core EPIC-N sessions” historically presented at EPIC-N conferences.

Every spring, the EPIC-Network hosts a conference and workshop for nearly a hundred university representatives, local government officials, and organizational partners interested in adopting, adapting, and/or enhancing their university-community partnerships.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal. The submission deadline has passed.

In the proposal you will be asked to provide information on the following:

  • Session Info: Format type, title, objectives, abstract/description
  • Session Leader Info: Name and contact info
  • Additional Presenter Info: Name and contact info

Theme – “EPIC-N for All”

As higher education institutions across the globe adopt the EPIC-N model, the model continues to be adapted and optimized for local opportunities and constraints. Focusing on the myriad of innovations to the model, the theme of the annual 2020 EPIC-Network Conference on April 5-8, 2020 hosted by Indiana University is “EPIC-N for All.”

The conference organizers seek proposals for concurrent session presentations that feature existing and potential innovations for EPIC-N programs or the EPIC-N organization. The innovations of greatest  interest are ones that increase the ability of EPIC-N programs and the EPIC-N organization to serve diverse students, faculty, and community partners equitably and inclusively. Below are some example prompts for proposals:

  • How can EPIC programs continue to provide and improve high quality experiences to all of their stakeholders?
  • How can universities or communities new to EPIC quickly start programs that benefit all of their stakeholders?
  • How can the EPIC-N model be adapted to fit the needs of higher education institutions with various missions, sizes, and capabilities?
  • How can EPIC-N programs and EPIC-N as an organization advocate for themselves?
  • How can EPIC-N programs and EPIC-N as an organization advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in its programs for students, faculty, and community partners?
  • How can EPIC-N programs and EPIC-N as an organization effectively serve community partners from public and private sectors, from urban and rural communities, and from historically marginalized communities?

Here’s what was presented last year. Proposals can adapt a session from past conferences, or be something entirely new.


Sessions will be 75 minutes, and the preferred formats are listed below. The conference organizers highly encourage proposals to discuss how their format engages the audience more actively than a lecture. Please review the four types below:

  • Workshop – A session that focuses on learning by doing, allowing participants time to work individually or together.
  • Presentation – A session that has one presenter diving deeply into a certain subject. Audience engagement or activities are encouraged.
  • Panel – A session that highlights two or more individuals engage in an active dialogue about a specific subject with a moderator guiding the conversation. Those submitting a panel session can either participate as a panelist and/or moderate the session.
  • Pecha Kucha – A presentation format traditionally done at the EPIC-Network Conference. Historically these are done by program managers highlighting exciting individual projects. Learn more about this format here
  • Other – Please propose other formats as desired. New engaging sessions are of interest to conference organizers.


The conference organizers highly encourage programs to work with their community partners for a concurrent session presentation, as well as to collaborate with each other for concurrent sessions. Programs that collaborate and present with a community partner on a concurrent session will receive higher priority and $100 off of the community partner’s registration.


Release – Tuesday, September 17
Close – Thursday, October 24
Selection by committee completed – Friday, November 15


Have questions about the session proposal process? Email info@epicn.org.

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