2020 EPIC-N Conference Logistics

Last Updated: 3:37 PM EDT 03/18/2020


Conference events will now take place online! Details to come. Changes will be made soon that will reflect the transition to an online format for the conference. See the most recent announcement about this transition here.

Pricing and Registration

With the transition to an online format, anyone previously registered to the conference will receive invitations to attend the online sessions. Organizers are also considering opening up registration to anyone interested in attending sessions. More details about the transition to an online format, how to attend, and registering will be sent out in the next week.

Look for updates about registering for online sessions.


For those who already paid for their conference registration, you will be refunded in full. All refunds will be returned in the manner in which payment was made.

  • If an attendee paid with a card, the refund will go back onto their card. Card refunds can take a couple days to process and appear in the original bank account. The length of time is mostly determined by the bank.
  • If an attendee sent a check, it will be deposited into an Indiana University account. Then the Indiana University Conference Staff will issue a refund. Check refunds will take some times to complete due to a high volume of refunds to process. Many other events onsite are also being cancelled.

As attendees wait for their refunds, organizers ask for patience as the Indiana University Conference Staff are working with many events going through an unprecedented amount of event cancellations.

Demonstrate patience as refunds are processed.


Anyone interested in attending the currently planned conference sessions should continue to hold April 6 and April 7 for virtual events. Over the next few days, organizers will redesign the schedule to optimize engagement for virtual meetings. As updates are made they will be published on the conference schedule website page.

Continue holding April 6-7 for online conference events!

Transition to Online

Over the next few days, organizers are designing how the transition to online will occur. As updates are made they will be published on the conference schedule website page.

Hotel Reservations

All attendees should cancel any lodging reservations made. The Indiana Memorial Union Biddle Hotel (the hotel block provided by conference organizers) sent cancellation notifications Wednesday, March 11 to all attendees who booked with them.

If an attendee made other lodging arrangements they will need to cancel their reservation themselves.

Cancel your lodging if not already notified!

Air Travel Information

All attendees should cancel all travel arrangements to Bloomington. No events will be hosted locally. Conference events will take place online using virtual meeting software tools.

Cancel your flights and other transportation!