The EPIC Model unites the human capital of universities with local governments, and communities, to improve the quality of life and social wealth for all involved. EPIC-N is the nonprofit association of institutions that adopt the award-winning EPIC Model for university-community partnership.

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“Perhaps the most comprehensive effort by a university to infuse into its curricula sustainability and community outreach.”

Black Lives Matter. Racism is deeply woven into the fabric of the United States, its structures, institutions and governance. The design of these systems have created, and continue to create, social, economic and judicial racial disparities; these systems must be dismantled. EPIC-N recognizes the importance of focus on corrective action and the need to change policies utilized by dominant actors and institutions which devalue Black lives, defame what it means to be Black and discriminate against Black and Brown people. EPIC-N therefore embraces the responsibility to ground our work in dismantling broken structures and rebuild new systems that support our EPIC-N partners and programs to act in ways that deconstruct institutional and structural racism. As a mostly white organization, we commit to being deliberately anti-racist in our own efforts and race-conscious as we pursue our mission. We will be making adjustments to our organization, structure and how we support our members as we move forward and we ask that you hold us to this commitment.Learn More
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