Resources for Faculty

EPIC programs are successful at increasing community engagement efforts by universities because they take the increased administration load off of faculty. To do that, programs develop resources for faculty. Here are a few examples. Guide for Faculty Some faculty are new to community engagement. This resource from Indiana University helps faculty learn about the program’s […]

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Readme – EPIC-N Resources

Welcome to the online EPIC-N Resources and Start-up Toolkit. Use this section of our website to: Learn more about our network, Identify example steps programs have used to start, and Access resources to help you along your way. The following describes the different sections and their contents within this toolkit. Each section will have other […]

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Readme – Start a Program

Resources for university administration, faculty, and program managers looking to start an EPIC program. Steps to Just Start EPIC-N has lots of experience helping programs get started. Over the years, EPIC-N has found the following tasks help programs ‘Just Start’. Click here to access this resource. Example Text to Find Interested Faculty Exploring faculty interest […]

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