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Civil & Environmental Engineering students created a site development plan for the area around the former Edison Elementary school building.

The City of Waterloo is considering alternatives for redevelopment of a site that was the location of the now-closed Edison Elementary School. One of the most important considerations for the project would be that it would both fit and enhance the character of the surrounding neighborhood.

A University of Iowa engineering project team, in consultation with the City of Waterloo, was tasked with redeveloping the former Edison Elementary School site into a wonderful new neighborhood. The design produced by the engineering team consists of a residential area with single-family homes, a park, a transitional area with duplexes, and a commercial area at the south end of the site. In particular, the single-family residential area includes 16 lots totaling 3.01 acres, as well as a park totaling 1.62 acres which includes an exercise trail. The transitional area includes four lots totaling 0.78 acres and the commercial area includes two lots totaling 0.8 acres.

Using AutoCAD Civil 3D, the team created a master plan for the neighborhood that includes the residential, commercial, and open space layouts, as well as the corresponding access roads, sidewalks, utility locations, stormwater and sewer system locations, cut and fill, and elevations. The engineering team provided the City a comprehensive design set and analysis which includes:

Overall site design of neighborhood layout
Design of stormwater management
Design of trail within the park
Design of Evergreen Ave extension
Design of new water main
Grading plan of entire site
Construction cost estimate

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