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The City has received a grant from SANDAG under the Smart Growth Incentive Program to evaluate the feasibility of a mixed-use (residential/commercial) Transit Oriented Development at the Spring Street Transit Station site which would reduce the need for auto trips and associated carbon footprint. One key element of the project is the re-engineering of High Street, in order to provide a crossing connection to Spring St. This will enhance access to the Transit Station, shorten emergency response times for the adjacent military housing complex, all while opening other nearby areas to Smart Growth development. This report produces three alternative designs to connect Spring St. to High St., then further analyzes the best alternative out of these three. The importance of this connection cannot be stressed enough, and we ask for the reader to maintain awareness to the importance of the following factors in today’s world: • Environmental Impacts • Social and Mental Well-Being • Proper access to transit centers • Economic Prosperity

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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