Recreation for Adults Aged 65+ in Lemon Grove



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This report addresses the City of Lemon Grove’s goal to better understand the needs of seniors and expand recreation opportunities for senior residents. Part one of this report analyzes data drawn from a class survey performed in Dr. Henrike Blumenfeld’s SLHS 580 Communication Processes and Aging Course. Part two of this report presents data gathered from a survey and supplemental phone call interviews with residents of Lemon Grove specifically. A team of students in SLHS 595 Research Practicum (led by Dr. Henrike Blumenfeld and Dr. Jessica Barlow), conducted these surveys and interviews and collected data about current recreation and the top recreation opportunities that seniors in Lemon Grove would like to see offered in their community. Drawing on the combined data, part three of the report proposes a set of low-cost recommendations for the City of Lemon Grove to enhance recreational offerings for seniors. These recommendations have three focuses: current recreational activities, desired recreational activities, and a senior advisory committee.

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