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Campaign Challenge To design a promotional campaign that increases the overall use of the City of La Mesa’s public transportation infrastructure. Budget The budget for this campaign was not defined, so there are three budget options: Low ($25,000), Mid ($30,000), and High ($35,000). Target Audience The primary target audience for this campaign are current La Mesa residents 55+ years old with higher incomes. The secondary target audience for this campaign are current La Mesa residents between the ages of 30–45, with families. Creative Strategy The creative strategy is to emphasize to current La Mesa residents that La Mesa’s public transportation infrastructure provides an exciting and efficient way to explore the city through its bike paths, buses, walking trails, and trolley line. This message will be conveyed through the tagline: “Explore Your City with New Eyes.” Media The media for this campaign will be focused on local communications, such as out-ofhome and print advertising, for the primary target market and online methods, such as Facebook, for the secondary target market.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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