Program Development VISTA with the Tallahatchie Arts Council (2018-20)


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The Tallahatchie Arts Council takes a novel approach to offering
arts education, with mentorship for underserved youth at the
center of its theory of change. While enjoying access to the
resources and supervision of the Union County Heritage Museum,
VISTA members Karen Tuck (2018-2019) and Susie Brown
(2019-2020) have built capacity for the Tallahatchie Arts Council
by researching best practices for nonprofit arts organizations;
recruiting, training, and coordinating volunteers; assisting with
curriculum development; and supporting grant writing efforts. By
building the systems and infrastructure to enhance the capacity of
the Tallahatchie Arts Council, the VISTA members increase
access to arts enrichment and mentorship opportunities for
underserved youth. The programming and mentorship instills an
appreciation for the arts, devoted practice of creative thinking, and
persistence directed at educational attainment.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Laura Martin
M Partner Director and Associate Director of the McLean Institute

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