Planning strategic growth opportunities for the town of Germantown, Wisconsin


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The Town of Germantown in Juneau County is seeking ways to address the effects of rapid residential development and an unprecedented increase of part-time and seasonal residents. Known for its lakes, forests, and outdoor recreational activities, Germantown has become a recreational rural getaway. The overall population has increased by nine percent from 2010–20 and is projected to increase over the coming decades. UCY connected Germantown with
applied planning workshop master students at UW–Milwaukee to address these challenges. The project team offered strategic recommendations on
conservation, economic development, and fiscal management for the town board to consider. Specifically, the students recommended pursuing subdivision conservation guidelines and design standards and a lake management district, fostering a specialized bird watching recreational economy, promoting the Managed Forest Law program and carbon credits, and revising its zoning code to limit extensive development in woodlands and sensitive natural areas. The
students also suggested contracting out garbage collection, applying for road maintenance grants/loans, and creating a Capital Improvement Plan.

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