Lemon Grove Recreation Department Expansion Opportunities: Envisioning New Recreational Offerings in the City of Lemon Grove

Jennifer Sheppard


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The purpose of this report is to propose sustainable ways to expand the recreation services for the City of Lemon Grove, as well as provide sustainable solutions that revitalize existing recreational offerings. Dr. Jennifer Sheppard’s class—RWS 504 Advanced Professional Writing— investigated a wide range of options to be included in this report. Through gathered surveyed data, students propose that the City of Lemon Grove grows the Recreation Department programming by adding two new community events: an Annual Birthday Bash and a weekly Farmer’s Market. By developing these two events, residents will develop a deeper sense of pride and belonging to their neighborhood that can proudly be shared to attract other San Diego locals to visit the area. The final section of this report discusses the results of an additional survey conducted during the Spring semester of 2022. The survey focused on identifying the recreational interests of Hispanic residents in Lemon Grove, regarding potential new programming opportunities that reflected aspects of Latinx culture and the Spanish language.

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