Impacting Climate Change in La Mesa Through Youth Education and Public Outreach


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This report features work completed in collaboration with the Sage Project at San Diego State University and the City of La Mesa, focusing on the promotion of the city’s new Commingled Organics Collection Program. The emphasis was primarily on the creation of educational curricula for children in grades K–12 about everyday conservation practices, food waste reduction, and specifically for student residents of La Mesa, how they will be able to deposit food waste in their curbside green bins through this new program. Recommendations include how the city could increase participation and awareness by creating a dedicated website and social media posts to spread information on the program, using surveys or other tools to assess and improve outreach efforts, and the possible implementation of school-wide competitions to encourage program participation. Further research and application of these recommendations may benefit the environmental health of the City of La Mesa and their residents.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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