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A Statement on How your Past And/ Or Potential Contributions to Diversity and Inclusion Will Advance ASU’s Commitment to Inclusive Excellence…!!!

As Postdoctoral Research Fellow will contribute through research and development methods along with evaluating urban cooling strategies and cutting – edge technologies in close collaboration with industry and Local/ State/ Regional/ National as well as an “International Government Disciplinary” (IGD). Through using a combination of computer simulation across scales, laboratory measurements, and field campaigns to inform the development and optimal deployment of technologies and strategies for cooling neighborhoods and cities in and around the entire world scale.

Successfully and confidently… I will assist in overseeing several existing and emerging projects with local and international partners. This will include providing project oversight, mentoring graduate students, and using a combination of computational and observational skills and tools to address research questions. Indeed… such type of research efforts will significantly focus on evaluating the spatial/ temporal variability of heat (abruptly rising climatic temperature, heat waves day by day @ present situation/ condition) and air pollution from the projected sites to city scales, quantifying surface energy balances @ test sites, and using validated models to estimate impacts of large/ medium/ small/ macro – as well as micro – level scale deployment/ assignment of cooling technologies.

I would also like to work closely with other faculty in the “Urban Climate Research Center” (UCRC) across “Arizona State University” (ASU), with their graduate students, and various government and industry partners through helping coordinate and integrate related efforts… from the bottom of my heart…!!!

Would Like to Perform Essential Duties as Depicted Below:

1. Instrument sites, and fieldwork for gathering and analyzing meteorological weather records and air quality index data to explore factors explaining the spatial and temporal variation of key parameters with emerging advanced technologies/ methodologies;
2. Development of logical as well as technological simulations models of urban cooling design alternatives applied @ either the building, civil construction work, or neighborhood projected site scales;
3. Also I would like to Suggest the Most Burning Topic on “Environmental Mechanism Techniques” (EMT) and Urban “Heat Mitigation Measures” (HMM) as depicted in the Table 1, which will enhance, contribute and coordinate research among team members, co – workers, researchers, academicians, mentor graduate students, and facilitate the development of technical/ applied science/ industrial engineering reports, presentations, and research work publications on interdisciplinary/ multidisciplinary approach and system, etc.…!!!

It would be my immense pleasure to be associated with having a background in Geography, Earth, Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, Engineering {In Various Diverse Fields including Environmental as well as Civil Highways Construction Production Networks}, and another related discipline that kind of experience would be quite outstanding, prominent, remarkable, striking, exciting, enthusiastic about joining a highly interdisciplinary/ multidisciplinary teamwork efforts. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (https://thecollege.asu.edu/faculty) @ ASU values cultural and intellectual diversity, and continually strives to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment. I am exclusively and especially interested as an applicant candidature credentials… who can strengthen the College’s variety or diversity records of the academic communities…!!!

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