Community Health and Wellness Policies as a Response to Health Disparities in Mississippi


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Preventable chronic diseases are prevalent in Mississippi, and disproportionately affect Mississippians who are African American, have a lower socioeconomic status, and reside in rural areas. To address health disparities at the municipal level, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation holds an annual competition for grant funding through the Healthy Hometown Award, which recognizes policies and programs that promote community health and wellness. The City of Charleston sought information about best practices in implementing municipal-level wellness policies to improve community health outcomes.

Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner.

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Laura Martin
M Partner Director and Associate Director of the McLean Institute

University Faculty Contact
Melissa Bass
community health and wellness policies as a response to health disparities in Mississippi

Local Government / Community Contact
Sedrick Smith
James C. Kennedy Wellness Center

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