Commercial Corridor Plan for Seat Pleasant – Gas Station Site Plan


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In February 2021, the community of Seat Pleasant requested an analysis from different real estate developers to propose potential developments in the existing shopping districts along a main traffic artery, Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway. Related Development, Inc.’s proposed development plans to enable the City of Seat Pleasant to pursue funding sources to bring the concept from development to reality. The property is located on the redeveloping Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway corridor of Seat Pleasant, Maryland. It is positioned between Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway at the North, Seat Pleasant Drive at the south and Addison Road on the westside with all streets coming to a point creating the site into a triangle. The surrounding community includes a mix of educational facilities, large to small retail businesses, and a neighboring residential community. Approximately 112,904 square feet in size and located within a qualified census tract and opportunity zone. Related Development attended the Seat Pleasant’s Charrette in February 2021. Residents communicated a clear preference for the future look and feel of wanting to become a destination and not a drive through city. A general theme derived was more locations with dense, mixed-use development with shops along the sidewalks, safer pedestrian walkways along Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway, healthier food options, and generally modern-looking buildings to match their smart city of excellence persona

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