Transit Station Area Placemaking

This project would complement the Pierce Transit High Capacity Transit feasibility and design study by working with local businesses and residents within a walk distance of two key intersections along the Pacific Avenue corridor at S 38th and S 56th, to explore place-making strategies that could be implemented in conjunction with transit station construction and […]

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Winter Weather Route Response Optimization for the City of Bellevue

This project consists of conducting research and making recommendations on how to use a Public-Private Partnership model to redevelop city-owned property for public benefit. Examples include building affordable commercial space above a public parking garage, building artist housing in BelRed, and building a campus for a creative arts college. Deliverables may include recommendations on how […]

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Cultural Neighborhood Mapping

This is part of a year-long engagement with this project. During the fall quarter, students will identify and summarize available data to help describe Auburn’s 5 neighborhoods. Students will conduct stakeholder interviews, and will identify aspects of shared identity and diversity. Students will create a community profile of each of Auburn’s 5 neighborhoods to support […]

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Business-to-business, Auburn business collaboration

This multi-pronged project will enable Auburn’s residents and local businesses to connect with each other. Students will develop a website and mobile application to gain information about local businesses and buy products and services. The project will also include a marketing component, helping local businesses to better advertise to a wider audience. In the fall […]

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Livability Synthesis

This course builds on the work of several fall quarter projects, including the Connectivity Element for Comprehensive Plan and Community Place-Making, and integrates, advances or deepens the findings of those projects. Read the final student report delivered to the local gov/community partner. Livable City Year Contact Info Teri Thomson Randall Program Manager 206.221.9240 University […]

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Study of Preparation for Emergencies and Disasters in Auburn

This course will conduct a situation analysis of Auburn residents’ understanding of the risks of natural and man-made disasters, and propose policy and program interventions to improve disaster preparedness. Proposals will include policy and programs that address both individual and community-level components as well as best practices in relation to cultural competence. Read the final […]

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Bellevue Design Review Image Catalogue

There is opportunity to design innovative, scalable solutions to some of the challenges facing the city in sustainable, meaningful performance outcomes — in particular, the BelRed district, which is facing significant change with the construction of light rail. Focusing on the BelRed District, but with potential application toward other neighborhoods as well, review and develop […]

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City of Tacoma Innovation Laboratory

The Tacoma Municipal Building, while a beautiful historic landmark, needs to create work spaces that complement the way individuals and departments work, engage, and collaborate. Money has been budgeted and a number of spaces have been allocated for innovation labs and breakout rooms throughout the building. A creative vision and design for each of these […]

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Thea Foss Peninsula Manufacturing and Industrial Futures Study

The Thea Foss Peninsula is an historic center of the City’s maritime industrial waterfront. The area has a direct connection and proximity to Downtown Tacoma, via the Murray Morgan Bridge (11th street); relic maritime structures; chemical storage and transport facilities; limited deep water access for shipping; as well as significant vacant lands and mixed-use water […]

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