Sustainability Assessment & Urban Infrastructure

In 2022, the City of Peoria passed its Sustainable Peoria Plan, a roadmap for sustainability. As the city rolls out its initiatives, the City hopes to develop a sustainability dashboard with improved metric tracking. Additionally, the City is interested in evaluating opportunities for Green Building codes. Students from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering […]

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Data Governance & Content Management Strategy

The need and demand for digitally accessible information from municipalities has grown significantly in recent years. Cities, such as the City of Peoria, are often responsible for managing large and complex amounts of data and content on their websites in order to serve their communities effectively and efficiently. To continue providing high-quality service to residents, […]

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Green Waste Scaling

Waste contamination is an increasingly challenging barrier to effective recycling and composting efforts. Green waste contaminants, such as grass clippings and leaves, can release significant amounts of methane and other greenhouse gasses when disposed of in landfills. Greenwaste is any organic material that can be broken down into compost. Compost is converted into soil, mulch, […]

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Senior Resource Guide

The City of Peoria has continuously demonstrated itself as a sustainable and livable community through its extensive offering of municipal services and forward-thinking planning. The City’s Livability Initiatives establish a framework of six priorities for the City to guide its mission of “providing excellent municipal services by anticipating communityneeds,” (City of Peoria, 2022). As one […]

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Microtransit Feasibility Assessment

The City of Peoria offers a variety of cutting-edge transportation options for its residents. Peoria recently relaunched its Peoria On The Go (POGO) neighborhood circulator and expanded its routes to include Peoria points of pride, including the Four Corners area, Peoria Sports Complex, Old Town Peoria, and more. With the most recent launch of RoboRide, […]

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Fleet Electrification Strategies

The City of Peoria staff and leadership are committed to evolving to meet the needs of its growing community while searching for innovative and strategic opportunities to optimize its services. Peoria’s municipal fleet includes a wide range of vehicles to support the City’s services, including emergency vehicles, public transportation, and public works vehicles. The City […]

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Transit Circulator Best Practices (1/2)

Choosing viable transportation options for everyday activities is a big step in decreasing an individual’s carbon footprint and leading a more sustainable lifestyle. Every day, people opt to use public transit, ride a bicycle, or carpool to decrease their carbon footprint. In many cases, though, an individual’s ability to practice sustainable transportation can only be […]

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