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Engaging Students through External Grants and Internal Programs (Find More Funding) Webinar

Featuring: Connie Frey Spurlock, Ph.D

To improve the support offerings provided to EPIC-N Member Programs, EPIC-N is kicking off a new Training Webinar series. The webinar series will host expert guests and will occur monthly. Presentations will be recorded and posted to the EPIC-N Member Commons for members to review at any time. Future calls and topics will be posted on the EPIC-N events page. To gain access to the Training Webinar series, join as an EPIC-N Member Program. Details about membership can be found here.

Webinar Description

The Find More Funding EPIC-N Training Webinar features Associate Professor Connie Frey Spurlock Ph.D from the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Connie manages the SIUE EPIC program, the Successful Students Collaborative.

During the presentation attendees will learn about different methods programs are using to improve the diversity of their funding portfolios.

Resources and Recording from the Webinar

This event was also featured during the #2020EPICN Free Webinar Series which ended June 30, 2020. Free access to the event’s recordings and resources is now available only to EPIC-N Members. Membership is now FREE to assist in the global response and recovery to COVID-19. Sign up today to gain access to the recordings and resources from this event and all of the other benefits associated with EPIC-N Membership*.

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Presenter Bio

Connie Frey Spurlock received her B.S. and M.A. degrees in sociology from Middle Tennessee State University (1996, 1998), and her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Nebraska Lincoln (2007). She has been an Associate Professor of Sociology at SIUE since 2013, and was the first SIUE Sustainability Faculty Fellow (2013-2016). Her current research interests focus on various aspects of sustainability, including recycling behaviors, sustainability literacy, sustainability research methods, and education for sustainability. She has presented her work at numerous peer-reviewed national and regional conferences. Frey Spurlock co-founded the Mississippi Project at SIUE, a faculty development workshop designed to facilitate curricular transformation. The workshop is recognized as one of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s fourteen curriculum centers and draws educators from around the region. Her teaching at SIUE centers on graduate and undergraduate courses on sustainability, as well as research methods. She is a member of the SIUE Sustainability Advisory Group and is active in the St. Louis Higher Education Sustainability Consortium. She has served as Director of SIUE’s Successful Communities Collaborative since its establishment in 2017.

More about the #2020 EPIC-Network Webinar Series

Usually only paying EPIC-N Members can attend and review recordings of the EPIC-N Webinars. This event is different. Until June 30, anyone can engage in this contact! After June 30, recordings are posted to the EPIC-N Member Commons, a password protected space for member programs to access the full range of resources EPIC-N provides. Details about membership can be found here.

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