Dixie State University

Dixie State UniverCity Alliance is a mutually-beneficial regional learning collaborative formally established among DSU and cities within Washington and Kane Counties to expand and enhance learning opportunities for DSU students and citizens, while providing access to select university resources for local governments, organizations, and industry. Membership in UniverCity Alliance is accomplished by participating in the UniverCity Year Program or through a UniverCity Alliance agreement. Dixie State UniverCity Alliance was created as a result of DSU’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025: Trailblazing Distinction and its goal of Community as University. Goal 4 reads, “Partner with Washington County and Kane County cities to blend the University with regional public and private spaces, human networks, organizations, and resources to formally designate and operate “Dixie State UniverCity,” an open, integrated and vibrant southern Utah learning ecosystem providing exceptional learning opportunities and catalyzing the economic and social development of southern Utah.” The concept of UniverCity Alliance was discovered during the strategic plan writing process through learning of the EPIC-N program at University of Wisconsin – Madison. […]

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California State University, Chico

Resilient Cities Initiative Website: https://scnpchico.com/ The Resilient Cities Initiative (RCI) is an interdisciplinary applied research think-tank for cities and communities established by the Institute for Sustainable Development at California State University, Chico in 2016. The RCI connects real-world community sustainability projects – identified and funded by partner agencies – with faculty expertise and student innovation, […]

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Rural Indiana county launches new strategies

Like much of the U.S. and the State of Indiana, Lawrence County faces a challenging opioid epidemic. In 2016, the state declared a public health emergency in response to rising hepatitis C rates and the county averaged nearly 50 nonfatal overdose visits to local emergency rooms per 100,000 people, according to the Indiana State Department […]

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